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500 Club

With the new year on the calendar, comes a new 500 Club year.
As always, this throws up some spare numbers, and Michael has requested that your attention is drawn to this. So if you are a member but currently do not participate in the 500 Club, or if you do currently have numbers, but are interested in extending your holding, please contact Michael and he will be more than happy to assist you on this.
Just in case you don't know, numbers in the 500 Club are just £1 each per month, and this entitles you to be entered in the monthly draw, with regular prizes of £120, £70 and £45, along with a snowball that increases at £50 per month if not won (for this latter prize, you must be present at the draw to win). Also, there is the big Xmas Draw worth a whopping £300.
There are currently (as of 18th Feb) 35 numbers available, and I'm sure Michael will be only too pleased to sell you some (or all) of them.
As always, Ts & Cs apply. Full details can be found on the 500 Club page of this website, in the Social area.

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