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Club Competitions
(a message from Sue)

Whilst at the club yesterday I noticed that only 2 club comps games have been played so far. I know we've all been busy with other comps etc... (myself included!) but we're only just 2 weeks away from the closing date of the opening round (22nd July).

Then it's only another 2 weeks until the closing date of the next round (5th Aug). So there are plenty of games that will need to be arranged and played in the next month.

So can you please do me a huge favour and start arranging your comps as soon as possible. Even if you're not the "Challenger", please don't wait to be offered dates. We all know each other, so please just get together and arrange your games between yourselves. This would help me greatly and save me a huge headache later on! 

Please click on the following link to access the draws to see your games

If for any reason you are unable to compete in your comps, or are away on finals day (Sat 17th Sept), please contact me immediately.

Please be aware that we have a couple of time coming up where the green is being loaned out to Middlesex. Specifically Tuesday (12th) and Thursday (14th) evenings, along with Saturday (16th) all day. Club competitions will not be able to be played at these times.