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Sunday Lunches

These take place monthly, from October (which usually coincides with the AGM) through to April.

A main course and a dessert is included in the price (£14**) and a veggie option is usually available. Places must be booked in advance with Sue to ensure there is plenty for everyone. Dinner is served at 4pm.

On this page you can find the dates for this winter, as well as more detailed information about the next event.

** December's Xmas Dinner is slightly more.

22nd October (3pm)
Slow-cooked brisket of beef, with the trimmings. (Veggie - Lentil Loaf). Lemon Tart or C&B
19th November
Slow-roasted Belly of Pork + veg. Veggie opt = Mush/Spinach/Stilton Wellington. Choc Brioch Br+But Pudd or C&Bisc
17th December
£18. Turkey, Gammon, Piggies, Roasties, etc (Veggie option). Xmas Pud or Champagne Jelly and Syllabub. Ch+Bisc
28th January
Slow-cooked Roast Lamb, Roasties, Parsnips, veg. (veggie option avail). Mixed Berry Crumble or Ch.& Bisc
25th February
Chicken & Gammon, pigs in blankets, Roasties and Veg, (veggie option avail) Pudd = Strudel or cheese & bisc.
24th March
S.Roast Beef Brisket,Roasties & Parsnips, Yorkshire Puddings, Veg. Pudd = Profiteroles, Lemon Tart or Cheese & Bisc
21st April
Roast Pork. Pudds etc TBC
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